Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Command. Order. Imperatum.

© Hillary Rogers 2012
If you didn't already see my ridiculously happy post about finally getting my baby book, you should check it out. It encapsulates my joy really well. If it wasn't obvious from viewing that, I'm extremely happy with my book I got printed with Blurb. I was a little worried about all the blacks laying down really consistently and matching the shadows in my photos, but everything turned out really well. There were a few extremely minor imperfections (dust that got in the way of the printing process) but other than that the images were perfect and no pages got left out.
Overall, I feel that my images were able to achieve exactly what I was hoping to with this project. They captured the dichotomy of majesty and mischief that was present in so many people and ideals of antiquity. Especially as a book, it is really easy to see the careful interplay of the compositions and personalities that only strengthen my ideas and intentions. I'm really excited to finally show off the finished product (even if I've heavily contemplated making everyone wear white gloves).
Moving further with this project, I'll be taking these images and blowing them up to show in the Senior Exhibition coming up on May 25 of this year. I'm not sure how big I'll be going or really how I'll be hanging the images, but I'm surrounded by a great group of peers and professors that will help me figure out how to best display these works that I've dedicated so much time to perfected.

Thursday, March 1, 2012


It's here! Let's see what it looks like...

The cover looks great! I just hope all my blacks match those in the book...

Should I open it? Yeah, why not!

Everything looks awesome! I got my blacks to match the colors of the background on the pages. Seeing these in print makes such a huge difference!

Thanks, Blurb! This makes me the happiest clam.